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Mediation Fees

Business, civil and commercial Mediation Fees

Mediation total costs of which the participants pay half each.

Our typical fees are shown below; they range £750 to £1500 (to be split between the participants) in total 6-hour mediation, for a dispute having a value of £1 million or less. The fee is usually met by the participants in equal shares, unless they agree otherwise. Our fees are extremely competitive.

There are no hidden charges. (Disputes with value over £1million price on application)

The standard fee is payable in advance of the mediation and we reserve the right to delay the commencement of the mediation until the standard fee has been paid. Any additional fee is due within 7days of the conclusion of the mediation.

We will provide a fixed fee quote prior to the mediation that will cover:
  • All preparation and pre-mediation contact by the mediator with the participants and their representatives.
  • All travel time and any travel expenses of the mediator.
  • Any accommodation of the mediator.
  • Attendance on the Mediation day until an agreed time (standard fee), after which an agreed hourly rate will be incurred.

Claims of £1 million or less:-

Includes up to 2 hours of preparation time, necessary document review, routine communications with participants and any lawyers.

  • Half day (10am-1pm)** £750
  • Full day (10am-5pm)** £1500

Additional time is charged at £100 per hour.
** Hours can be adjusted to: Half day 10.30am-1.30pm & Full day 10.30am-5.30pm

Payment is required 7 days in advance. The parties pay half of the costs each. Where disputants are remote from each other or us, Mediation can take place online via Skype video if required. Major credit and debit cards accepted & Bank Transfer. We do not accept cheque payments

Comparable Legal costs to Trial - per person:

  • Court fee to issue costs £455
  • Court fee to list a Trial £1300
  • Average solicitors costs £1200
  • Solicitors cost to Trial £1200
  • Barristers Fees for Trial £2000
  • Total per party £6155
  • TOTAL COST £12,310

Boundary Disputes, Neighbour Disputes, Franchise Disputes and other disputes without a monetary Value.

Mediation conducted by An Accredited Professional Civil Commercial Mediator.

Includes up to 2hours of preparation time, necessary document review, routine communication with participants and any lawyers

Participants pay half each of Total Fee of £999

Payment is required 7 days in advance.


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