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Mediation Services

Partnership & Shareholder

When individuals may have worked together successfully for many years before a breakdown of trust occurred, Mediation is advantageous to litigation.

Conflicts and breach of trust can be highly emotive. It is important that the mediator is skilled to not only understand the complexities of the issues and legal status of the parties involved, but is also able to take in the further dynamics at play in seeking a resolution that serves everyone’s best interest.

  • unfair prejudice to minority shareholders (Section 459, Companies Act 1985 and Section 994, Companies Act 2006)
  • breach of directors’ duties
  • breach of shareholder agreements / partnership deeds
  • breach of fiduciary duty and misfeasance
  • misappropriation of funds
  • joint venture disputes
  • issues of dissolution or splitting up of a partnership
  • quasi-partnerships
  • derivative claims under Companies Act 2006

Financial Services and Banking

Mediation is often the best option in this sector; Our Mediators have both business and Legal backgrounds and work to assist the parties in reaching a pragmatic settlement .Whether it’s a dispute involving an individual or a complex multi-party dispute between institutions that could otherwise result in costly legal fees.

Our mediators can assist with:

Pensions and Investments:
  • disputes between IFAs and individuals in pension mis-selling cases
  • mis-selling in life insurance situations
  • mis-selling in investment matters
  • disputes between borrowers and lenders, including disputes as to authority to lend on properties jointly owned / occupied by spouse
  • mortgage default and foreclosure
  • derivative / commodity investment disputes
  • disputes between hedge funds and international trading companies
  • PPI claims
  • consumer credit disputes
  • negligence disputes
  • disputes as to regulatory compliance within the financial services field, whether IFAs, banks or other financial institution
  • market abuse disputes

Property, Land and Real Estate

This area is often best suited to mediation to resolve such matters swiftly, effectively and affordably, negating the need to escalate the matter to Court.

Landlord and tenant:
  • rent reviews
  • dilapidation claims
  • property management, including service charges
  • leasehold enfranchisement
Neighbour disputes:
  • boundary problems
  • party wall disputes
  • rights of way
  • adverse possession
  • restrictive covenants
Public realm:
  • town planning
  • compulsory purchase and compensation
  • environmental, pollution and contamination
Professional negligence:
  • claims against solicitors, surveyors, valuers and architects
  • disputes between borrowers and lenders


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