Elder Care
Mediation Services

Elder care

Our mediators have not only trained in the distinctly different Family mediation and Civil mediation models. Their experience in previous careers assists them in facilitating matters related to eldercare, gerontology and estates.

We can help facilitate family discussions about matters relating to a senior family member’s safety, finances and capabilities while keeping in mind their desire for independence, respect and control.

  • Family communication
  • Care home disputes
  • Future care options
  • Living arrangements
  • Decision making processes
  • Including the elder’s voice
  • Family members’ roles and responsibilities
  • Power of Attorney appointment
  • Caregiver burnout
  • Day-to-day needs such as driving, finances and bill paying
  • Personal property distribution
  • Medical and end of life decisions
  • Planning and anticipating issues before crises develop
  • Inheritance, Estate and Trust matters


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