Mediation Services

Family, Divorce, Dissolution and children’s matters

Separation, Divorce Dissolution and Child access issues can be highly emotive and distressing for all the parties involved. Although since 2014 consideration of mediation is now a compulsory requirement before issuing Court proceedings. Mediation can help you both regain control over the key issues that matters to you.

Our Family Mediators are professional experts. We will assist you both to reach workable and affordable solutions to enable you both to move forward, without high legal fees and stressful Court proceedings.

Traditionally Family mediation is conducted on a sessional basis. The mediator will meet with each of you in a closed confidential session. If following that you both wish to mediate 3 or 4 joint sessions of 90 minutes are held.

If however you don’t feel able to be in the same room as the other party ,we also offer shuttle Mediation ,where each of you is in a separate room and the Mediator speaks to you separately ,ensuing the dialogue and issues you wish to discuss are considered in real time .

If you are able to make proposals that you both think are fair and helpful. The mediator will draw up a Memorandum of Understanding and if relevant an open summary of your financial information , which subject to Legal advice you can have made into a legally binding Court order, saving you the costs and stress of lengthy acrimonious litigation and Court appearances.

We also appreciate that time is valuable; we are one of the few mediation services that offer full or half day mediations in family issues. This is particularly useful if in financial settlement issues you have already exchanged your financial information and wish to attend with the view of reaching a settlement on the day. You may choose to attend with your legal advisors, or simply take advice, before or during the Mediation.


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