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Mediation by Skype - video conference

Where a face to face mediation is not appropriate (perhaps because the cost of getting all the parties and their advisors together in the same place is disproportionate, or because it proves impossible to agree on a date and time, or perhaps where disability prevents a party attending in person) online video conferencing technology can bring the mediation right into your office or home.

We use Skype - simply because it is the most widely used video conferencing platform in the world. It's password protected, its free & it can be downloaded from the App store on Mobile phones, tablets, laptops and is pre installed on some desktop computers for Free. Apart from the fact that the mediation takes place by video conference, everything else is just the same as in a face to face mediation (including our fees). Simply suggest that the mediation takes place by video conference to the other side, and once they've agreed, choose a date and either a full or half day mediation, as you would for conventional mediation

You can contact us to book, on line here, as usual. We'll send out the mediation agreement in the usual way, and you can let your chosen mediator have any reading in advance in just the same way.

A few days before the mediation, our office will collect your Skype address details, and will make a trial call to check that the connection or connections are working. Where lawyers are involved, they can attend with their clients in one location and conduct the mediation by video conference from there, or the party concerned and their lawyers can both attend the mediation by separate video calls from separate locations. And that's it. It really is that simple. On the day of the mediation, the mediator will start with a private video conference call to each side, and we'll take it from there. You may never want to travel to another mediation.


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